Bespoke Kits
Super-fast turnaround times and the lowest minimum order requirement

 Ride the next wave of marketing. Virtual reality is now a valued tool in the marketing efforts of top brands. To make your campaigns more impressive, I AM Cardboard now offers Bespoke VR kits.

Personalized kits aren't just for big brands. Regular people are using VR kits for their personal projects. To bring your dream project within reach, I AM Cardboard has competitive prices and only requires a minimum order of 100 kits!

  • Our cardboard are Google Certified
  • We are the official supplier of I AM Cardboard
  • We are in Google Cardboard business since the product came out
  • We do all the printing and manufacturing of cardboard
  • We manufacture our own lenses to ensure the quality of our viewers
  • And mostly, we deliver with Quality and understand the needs of each customers

With our low costs and minimum orders, any creative individual can get a VR kit customized. Apart from full-blown marketing campaigns, VR kits are also great for:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Promotions and corporate giveaways
  • Birthday and wedding souvenirs
  • Event or conference freebies
  • Personal gifts



I Am Cardboard Classic V2 Virtual Reality Headset

----- V2 Lite Custom Printed Samples -----

I Am Cardboard V2 Lite Virtual Reality Headset

----- V2 Lite Custom Printed Samples -----

I Am Cardboard Pocket 360 Virtual Reality Headset

----- Pocket 360 Color Variants -----


I Am Cardboard DSCVR Virtual Reality Headset

----- DSCVR Product Samples -----

How can I get a sample?
If you’d like a sample with your artwork in it, we can provide a digital mock up for your approval before going into production. If you’d like a physical sample, there will be a sample fee. However, if you’ll be satisfied with the sample and proceed in making an order, we will deduct the sample fee from the total cost.

How long does the sample product arrive?
Once we have the finished sample product, we will ship it via DHL, FedEx or UPS. It should take approximately 3-5 days to arrive.

How long it does usually take for the customer representative to reply to your inquiry?
Our Customer Service Representatives are available from 9:00p to 5:00a ET from Mondays to Fridays. During that time period, expect a reply within an hour. Latest we would get back to you is within 24 hours, except for Saturdays and Sundays.

Can you design for us?
Yes, we have several professional designers to help you with the design that you desire.

How can I ensure the quality of the product?
Our products are WWGC Certified. This means that they are certified to work with Google Cardboard apps and games. Plus, we also meet their manufacturing and design standards. We use the same materials and method in creating our customized kits.

How long does it take to produce and ship the products?
Production Lead Time is approximately 2 weeks and Shipping Lead Time is approximately 1 week.

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