V2 Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset (Blue)

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V2 Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset (Blue)

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• Fits phone up to 6" screen size. Works with iPhones and Android devices.
• 3-Step Assembly. Assembled in less than 10 seconds. Just slide, flip, secure and enjoy.
• Securely packed in a protective sleeve. Easily fold to original state and slide in the protective sleeve when not in use.
• Asymmetrical biconvex lenses. 37mm in Diameter with 50mm Focal Length.
• New input method. Conductive Foam Button replaces the magnet switch of version 1. Works on both iOS and Android devices.
• Available in fun colours: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, White and the original Box colour.
• Inspired by Google Cardboard v2.



The V2 Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset is the perfect introduction to Google Cardboard!

The headset's conductive foam button works with both iOS and Android devices, and gives you total control of your VR adventures. Also comes in a protective sleeve- just slide the Cardboard viewer out, then slip it back in for safe storage.

To start experiencing breathtaking VR, simply slip your Google Cardboard-enabled phone into the assembled kit!