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  • Works With Google Cardboard (Of course it does!)

    In June 2014, a piece of folded cardboard was handed out to each participant of the Google I/O conference. Initial bewilderment gave way to excitement as the possibility of accessible virtual reality dawned on every single person holding that piece of cardboard in their hands.

    Fast-forward to today, Google reveals its official assets which certify kits that are compatible with the Google Cardboard application ecosystem. The catch-phrase “Works With Google Cardboard” certifies that your headset is optimized for use with Cardboard apps. Along with this phrase is the Works With Google Cardboard badge that allows users to see at a glance which Cardboard kit-makers have been accepted to, and are fully compatible with the WWGC program.

    Guess who will be sporting both the Works With Google Cardboard catch-phrase and badge from here on out?

    Works With Google Cardboard Works With Google Cardboard

    We will, because we do.

    I AM Cardboard has received official certification from Google in an announcement last Friday. This certification provides users the assurance that their I AM Cardboard and EVA kits will work swimmingly with Cardboard apps and games.

    Just one of the I AM Cardboard products that Works With Google Cardboard! Just one of the I AM Cardboard products that Works With Google Cardboard!

    We're proud to meet Google standards and we will keep working to give you the best VR experience.

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