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  • FAQ: Six dscvr questions answered!

    1. "I want this! Wait. What is this thing again?"

    Easy, buddy. We're here to help you out. The dscvr headset is a virtual reality headset for smartphones. You run VR apps on your smartphone and use the dscvr headset to view them. The gyro of your smartphone tracks your head's movement, giving you a fully-immersive experience.

    The headset was inspired by the Cardboard V2 viewer, but with upgraded materials and features.

    dscvr headset multi

    2. "You mentioned phone. How will my phone stay in place? And will (insert phone model) work with it?"


    Your phone will be secured by a silicone flap. Silicone naturally repels dirt and has a strong, grippy surface. You're phone ain't going nowhere when it's strapped in.

    The dscvr headset will also work with lots of different iOS and Android phones; it works best with phones with four- to six-inch displays.

    3. "Interesting. Can I use these with glasses?"

    It depends on the size of your glasses. Larger frames may not fit inside the viewer, but smaller wire frames should fit. To give you an idea, here's the inner width of the viewer:

    dscvr headset measurement

    4. "What makes this unique from other VR headsets?"

    By far the coolest feature of the dscvr headset is the spring-loaded chassis. When not in use, the rear half of the body slips over the front, reducing the headset's thickness by almost half. When you're ready to use it, press both buttons to extend the chassis.

    dscvr a super portable VR kit

    5. "I saw your Kickstarter campaign. What makes the headset 'roadworthy'?"


    Most cardboard headsets don't really travel very well; you can't just toss them into your bag before hitting the road. The dscvr headset addresses that. It's totally sturdy and ergonomic- and it even has a hard carrying case. This is the viewer for having VR adventures while you're out having real ones.  So, yeah. It's roadworthy!

    6. "Can I have a dscvr headset with (insert custom design and/or picture of pet) printed on it?" 

    If you want a custom VR headset, getting a custom V2 kit would be the easiest, most cost-effective option. Learn more by emailing

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