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  • VR Geekery: A Virtual Reality for Fandoms

    The term “geek” has undergone a 180-degree turn over the years. No longer conjuring images of someone you pick on at school and work for later on in life, geek is now chic—a badge of pride.

    In no other form is geekery more evident than when it comes to fandoms. Whether it is video games, movies, music, or comic books, you’re sure to find forums filled to the brim with devoted geeks ready and willing to fight to the death–pretty much—for their fandom.
    In this installment, we take a quick peek at how fandoms, as a whole, are accepting accessible VR.

    Hand and Glove
    The ultimate allure of virtual reality has always been that it is one step ahead of all forms of entertainment when it comes to vicarious experience. You strap on your virtual head set and you get escapism at its finest. Whether you’re thinking music (see our previous blog posts about Jaunt, Inc.), movies, TV series (Game of Thrones), or even sports, there has been widespread proliferation and acceptance from app developers & fans alike.

    It comes as no surprise. With the enhanced experience being the calling card of today’s accessible VR gear, it’s a perfect fit for the perfect fandoms.

    Virtuality and Beyond
    You won’t find anyone as guarded as a geek is when it comes to his or her fandom. Yet with VR finally living up to its promise after being merely an awkward reality, you can see why so many franchises are taking advantage of the medium and giving fans healthy servings to satiate their appetite a lot further than anything in 2D ever could.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a four-eyed thirty-something who’s still living in your mom’s basement or if you’re an uber postmodern geek, once you don those VR goggles—you can be virtually anyone and go virtually anywhere as virtually real as it can possibly get.

    In our next installment, we’ll take a deeper look at the franchises who have recently released some notable VR apps.

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