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  • Daddy Apps: VR Apps to Introduce to Your Dad

    For every type of dad, there’s an app that’s a perfect match. This Father’s Day, we take a look at the different types of dads and which VR apps you can introduce them to.

    The Geeky Dad (AKA The Pal-Dad)

    He’s the type of dad that everyone wants. He’s got more fandoms and collectible memorabilia than anyone else—and you’re crossing your fingers that you’ll get to own all of them someday.

    The app: VR Cinema for Cardboard (Mobius Networks)

    With this, he can watch all the best movies on a VR display—a fresh way to see old favorites. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a hard day of adulting.

    The Handy Daddy (Sometimes Known as the Mom-Dad or Helicopter Daddy)

    This dad’s a veritable Superman around the house. He’s chore-happy and can fix anything from the family car right down to the plumbing!

    The App: The Mercedes VR for Cardboard (Visualise)

    Mercedes Benz VR

    Reward your Superdad with a virtual ride on one of the most prominent luxury cars in the world. With this app, he can enjoy various Mercedes Benz models such as the new AMG GT.

    The Business Dad

    No-nonsense. He’s all work and no play. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pique his interest and turn him on to VR.

    The app: The VR Banking app (Fiducia IT AG)

    Tickle his fancy with this helpful app where he can handle the family finances whenever, wherever. There's a catch though. It’s in German—which presents a problem for the rest of the non-German speaking populace. Still, it is a great idea that should be picked up by app manufacturers.

    The Artsy Dad

    Life is art and this type of dad is fine-tuned to it.

    The App: VR Gallery (Holumino Ltd.)

    A great app for dads who happen to love the fine art of capturing perfect images. With the VR Gallery, he can upload his own photos (panoramic or spherical) and enjoy them afterwards on his headset in an immersive way.

    Most people find it difficult to turn their parents on to techie stuff. But with these uber cool VR apps, you won’t need to exert that much effort. Get your dad out of the Stone Age and into the Digital one. It’s a great Father’s Day gift for the man of the house.

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