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  • Lonely or Bored on V-Day? VR Can Help!


    Virtual (and immersive) reality has already helped the dating and sex lives of so many people to become so much more interesting, that Valentine's Day applications seem par for the course. If you don't have a date, are in a long-distance relationship, or simply want to try something new this approaching day of hearts, here are a few virtual practices we think you'd like to give a go (and maybe make a tradition of).

    Cyborg Dating

    Photo via Augmented Reality Trends Photo via Augmented Reality Trends

    What you'll need:  a partner, a Google Cardboard headset, a smartphone, the Cyborg Dating app, and a healthy dose of fun and trust

    Contrary to its name, no, you won't be dating a cyborg but a real person, like a special friend or someone you're willing to go traipsing around town with. This augmented reality experience is designed to have couples bond while on a date in the real world - except one of them is experiencing it virtually (in a forest) while the other "guides" both of them in public spaces. It's a thrilling trust activity that requires hand-holding and close contact to avoid real-life obstacles like crowds, traffic, etc.  The couple can gauge how their date is going via their smartphone, and can also switch to night-mode if they want a more romantic ambience.

    Coffee x Augmented Reality



    What you'll need: a smartphone, the Starbucks Cup Magic app, a special Starbucks season cup, and coffee (partner optional)

    Don't discard that heart-adorned Starbucks cup that comes with your mocha frap! It serves an entertaining purpose: line the heart up with your phone's field of vision, and you will see hearts and petals flying out of it. You can also send a video of this hearty phenomenon as an e-card through email or social media sites.

    V-Day VR Card From a Secret Admirer

    Image courtesy of VRGifts Image courtesy of VRGifts

    What you'll need: a Google Cardboard headset, the VRGifts Valentine Card app, someone you admire to send the card to

    Greeting cards are here to stay no matter what form they come in. Valentine VRGifts wants you to act on your secret admirer fantasies by sending that special someone a virtual reality greeting card - but with a twist. You and the person receiving it have to play a couple of mini-games using the smartphone and Cardboard viewer so that they can find out who is sending them a Valentine (and has a secret crush on them all this time!). Romantic? Yes. Creepy? Maybe. Fun? Oh, heck yeah.

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