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  • Brandon Lee Torres' Pop-Inspired Custom Cardboard Designs

    It's always been our goal to spark creativity and adventure with every product we come up with. Our streamlined, no-nonsense designs are made precisely to inspire clients to personalize their cardboard units and make them truly their own. Today, we're proud to feature one of the best custom kit designers we've come across. Everyone, meet Brandon Lee Torres and his awesome collection of custom Cardboard designs.

    Brandon Lee Torres and his custom Cardboard design

    Pop culture and personal themes

    Brandon lives in a small town called Socorro in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His current collection of custom kits are decidedly pop culture-inspired, which Brandon considers "the fastest way to connect with an audience". He plans to start a business customizing headsets, and eventually showcase his individual creative style with some original paintings and themes.

    Vader and VR

    Day of the Dead headset

     Tools of the trade

    Brandon uses mostly acrylic paints for detailing, and spray paint for more efficient painting. His creativity and innovative streak don't stop at drawing and painting, though. He also uses the extra cardboard from the  Cardboard kit packaging to add shapes! Using acrylic, spray paint, and bits of cardboard for his Godzilla design

    Brandon's steampunk-themed design

    How it all started

    Brandon got the idea to custom paint his Cardboard kits from an Instagram user who sells custom-painted vans. He saw the educational and entertainment potentials in the technology Google Cardboard offers, and so went on to customize so he can spread the word about it. He adds: "I also figured most cardboard get abused and thrown away and I thought it would be cool instead to display it when you were done as a work of art."Here, have a Dragonball

    Begin with inspiration and go on from there

    As a  big Star Wars fan, Brandon knew he had to make some kits with his favorite characters. He also likes Batman and pretty much anything written by Frank miller or painted by Alex Ross. He  gets a lot of my inspiration from movies and comics, and hopes to be a storyteller himself one day.

    Cardboard Trooper


    We believe he's off to a good start painting stories on Cardboard kits. As Brandon puts it: "I think it starts with inspiration and inspiration can come from anywhere. Walking down the street, a movie, seeing another artist's idea, a pattern in the carpet."

    If you're interested in getting your Cardboard kit custom-designed by Brandon, visit his Instagram @brandonleetv and website

  • Putting Virtual Reality in Business

    A competitive advantage is essential to make it in the world of business. In this day and age, you have to come up with really creative ways for your company to bloom. The use of virtual reality is one such way.

    There have already been a number of companies—from auto makers to soda manufacturers—that have made use of virtual reality technology as a means to further success. Here are a few ways that VR can help you get a leg up when it comes to business.

    Product Viewing

    Potential customers can better appreciate what you can offer them when you give them a unique look at what you can offer them. Automotive giants such as Mercedes Benz and Volvo have already done so in virtual fashion by creating virtual test drives for buyers to get a 3D feel for their cars.

    Employee Training

    Training and orientation videos are usual basic tools in human resources—especially when there is high employee turnover. Having it done in an immersive way that only the VR medium can bring about is certainly a step up from the usual videos that newly-hired employees need to sit through.

    Virtual Meetings

    Business trips are almost a thing of the past. Technology affords us the chance to conduct business globally without even leaving the office building. That’s why conference calls are already the norm. Why not take it a step further and do it in a much more immersive setting?

    Marketing Campaigns

    It’s all about the right marketing campaign. By creating a unique experience for potential customers, you get to tickle their fancy so they come to you in droves. On this note, custom-printed kit services can up the ante, marketing-wise, so your business can soar to greater heights.

    While not too many businesses these days make use of the VR medium, it certainly is a tool with much potential. No business, after all, flourished by taking the conservative mindset. And with a tool like Google Cardboard, you’ve got a low-cost tool that comes with high gains for you to make it in business.

  • Memorable VR-Based Marketing Campaigns

    Virtual reality brings unique experiences for viewers, but it also provides advertisers with a tool that works outside conventional media. And working outside the conventional is what makes VR a potent tool for marketing. With the advent of Google Cardboard, VR-based marketing campaigns became more accessible for both brands and consumers.

    With that in mind, here are some of the most noteworthy marketing campaigns that made good use of Google Cardboard.

    Volvo Reality Test Drive

    Clever and true to the medium, the Volvo virtual reality app lets users take an XC90 out for a virtual spin. Though there is, of course, no substitute for driving the real thing, the campaign provided a memorable way for consumers to experience the brand.

    Coca-Cola World Cup

    Only football can command such a frenzied devotion among global sports fans. And every four years, that frenzy reaches a fever pitch because of the World Cup. Coca-Cola tapped into the FIFA festivities last year to bring the stadium atmosphere right in front of the retinas of football fans around the world.

    River Island Virtual Fashion

    It’s hard to get a front row seat to watch the glitz and glamour of a fashion show. River Island brought their clothing line closer to their clientele this year by partnering up with Google Cardboard and putting on a full 360-degree virtual fashion show.

    Mattel View-Master

    The View-Master is one of the most iconic toys from decades past. Google teamed-up with Mattel to bring forth a modern version of this childhood classic. The new View-Master lets users experience undersea and planetary tours, among many other immersive adventures.

    Virtual reality is a veritable playground for brands and marketers. It's an excellent medium for advertisers to showcase products and services in a unique and compelling way. With I AM Cardboard’s custom-printed kit service, getting branded kits for VR-based campaigns is easier than ever. Why wait on the sidelines when you can be among the firsts to corner the market?

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