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  • An Early Christmas Wish: Virtual Twists to 5 Classic Board Games

    September is here, and before we know it, it's time to enumerate all the things we'd want to receive for the holidays. On that note, we decided to come up with an early Christmas wish list simply because we believe the earlier you make a wish, the earlier it comes true! So here come 5 classic board games we hope and pray will very soon get virtual reality upgrades.

    1. Monopoly
    The app Monopoly Millionaire proved that there’s still life in this old game, so why not push it a little bit further with a full-on immersive one?

    We wish for a VR version of Monopoly because…
    Dominating the real estate business is nice - but doing in in 3D is three times the fun!

    2. Cluedo
    There really is no better way to get into character and crack a classic case of “whodunit” than in 3D. Cluedo has mystery, intrigue, and (we hope soon) a 3D twist. The fact that there was even a TV show based on it should point to its potential as a virtual reality game.

    We wish for a VR version of Cluedo because…
    It would be a treat to see characters like Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mrs. Peacock, Reverend Green, Colonel Mustard, and Mrs. White all come to (virtual) life.

    3. Battleship
    Go head-to-head with a friend and sink each other’s naval fleet. Deploy your battleship, aircraft carrier, destroyer, submarine, and patrol boat. This we’d love to play in 3D.

    We wish for a VR version of Battleship because…
    Seeing your opponent’s ships blow up and sink to the ocean’s depths is much more fun.

    4. Chess

    Holochess on Star it possible? Holochess on Star it possible?

    Chess is one of the oldest board games there is. No need for explanations here. It teaches you to be critical and to plan your every move. A virtual infusion would certainly add allure and catapult this erstwhile game for four-eyed geeks to higher levels of popularity.

    We wish for a VR version of Chess because…
    Just imagine a towering rook pounding a lowly pawn into oblivion and you’ll see why we want it.

    ***Similarly, a well-loved 80’s game like Archon (also available on iTunes) would also be a welcome sight in VR gaming. It just didn’t make the list because, technically, it’s not really a board game.

    5. Chutes and Ladders
    It’s probably the first board game you learned to play as a child. So why not introduce it to a whole new generation of kids the virtual way?

    We wish for a VR version of Chutes and Ladders because…
    While the fact that it’s a game based on sheer luck, the prospect of a 3D slide down the chutes or climb up the ladders should no doubt make it a fun virtual experience.

    A good twist of the virtual flavor may just be exactly what these well-loved board games need to add an extra shot of freshness and entertainment. It’d surely take the “bored” out of old board games!

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