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  • Brandon Lee Torres' Pop-Inspired Custom Cardboard Designs

    It's always been our goal to spark creativity and adventure with every product we come up with. Our streamlined, no-nonsense designs are made precisely to inspire clients to personalize their cardboard units and make them truly their own. Today, we're proud to feature one of the best custom kit designers we've come across. Everyone, meet Brandon Lee Torres and his awesome collection of custom Cardboard designs.

    Brandon Lee Torres and his custom Cardboard design

    Pop culture and personal themes

    Brandon lives in a small town called Socorro in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His current collection of custom kits are decidedly pop culture-inspired, which Brandon considers "the fastest way to connect with an audience". He plans to start a business customizing headsets, and eventually showcase his individual creative style with some original paintings and themes.

    Vader and VR

    Day of the Dead headset

     Tools of the trade

    Brandon uses mostly acrylic paints for detailing, and spray paint for more efficient painting. His creativity and innovative streak don't stop at drawing and painting, though. He also uses the extra cardboard from the  Cardboard kit packaging to add shapes! Using acrylic, spray paint, and bits of cardboard for his Godzilla design

    Brandon's steampunk-themed design

    How it all started

    Brandon got the idea to custom paint his Cardboard kits from an Instagram user who sells custom-painted vans. He saw the educational and entertainment potentials in the technology Google Cardboard offers, and so went on to customize so he can spread the word about it. He adds: "I also figured most cardboard get abused and thrown away and I thought it would be cool instead to display it when you were done as a work of art."Here, have a Dragonball

    Begin with inspiration and go on from there

    As a  big Star Wars fan, Brandon knew he had to make some kits with his favorite characters. He also likes Batman and pretty much anything written by Frank miller or painted by Alex Ross. He  gets a lot of my inspiration from movies and comics, and hopes to be a storyteller himself one day.

    Cardboard Trooper


    We believe he's off to a good start painting stories on Cardboard kits. As Brandon puts it: "I think it starts with inspiration and inspiration can come from anywhere. Walking down the street, a movie, seeing another artist's idea, a pattern in the carpet."

    If you're interested in getting your Cardboard kit custom-designed by Brandon, visit his Instagram @brandonleetv and website

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