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  • Memorable VR-Based Marketing Campaigns

    Virtual reality brings unique experiences for viewers, but it also provides advertisers with a tool that works outside conventional media. And working outside the conventional is what makes VR a potent tool for marketing. With the advent of Google Cardboard, VR-based marketing campaigns became more accessible for both brands and consumers.

    With that in mind, here are some of the most noteworthy marketing campaigns that made good use of Google Cardboard.

    Volvo Reality Test Drive

    Clever and true to the medium, the Volvo virtual reality app lets users take an XC90 out for a virtual spin. Though there is, of course, no substitute for driving the real thing, the campaign provided a memorable way for consumers to experience the brand.

    Coca-Cola World Cup

    Only football can command such a frenzied devotion among global sports fans. And every four years, that frenzy reaches a fever pitch because of the World Cup. Coca-Cola tapped into the FIFA festivities last year to bring the stadium atmosphere right in front of the retinas of football fans around the world.

    River Island Virtual Fashion

    It’s hard to get a front row seat to watch the glitz and glamour of a fashion show. River Island brought their clothing line closer to their clientele this year by partnering up with Google Cardboard and putting on a full 360-degree virtual fashion show.

    Mattel View-Master

    The View-Master is one of the most iconic toys from decades past. Google teamed-up with Mattel to bring forth a modern version of this childhood classic. The new View-Master lets users experience undersea and planetary tours, among many other immersive adventures.

    Virtual reality is a veritable playground for brands and marketers. It's an excellent medium for advertisers to showcase products and services in a unique and compelling way. With I AM Cardboard’s custom-printed kit service, getting branded kits for VR-based campaigns is easier than ever. Why wait on the sidelines when you can be among the firsts to corner the market?

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