• Check out Mike's Awesome VR Wedding Proposal!

    Earlier this week, we wrote about our favorite non-gaming apps for Google Cardboard. Today, it’s time to show another great, more personal, use for VR - declaring everlasting love!

    Our friend Mike Rios sent us a video showing how he used virtual reality and I AM Cardboard's EVA kit to propose to his girlfriend Maggie. Mike and Maggie are both highly creative people, and the proposal used technology to reflect their personalities.



    We could go on and on about how wonderful this is, but we better let Mike himself speak about the project:

    “Five years ago in the courtyard in Pasadena, California I met Maggie, and three sentences into meeting her I jokingly asked her to marry me...

    On February 8th, 2015 with the help of family and friends we met in that same courtyard without her for a photoshphere photo shoot, and to learn a dance.

    A month later, on March 8th, 2015, I brought Maggie back to the same exact place in the courtyard we met in for a surprise Virtual Reality experience (using your various products) with a Mariachi Band for accompaniment, and proceeded to ask her to marry me, again (this time for real)!"

    We're psyched to see all the different ways people use virtual reality. Of course, we're also honored that Mike used our EVA kit for this loving and imaginative number.

    If you'd like to use I AM Cardboard's kits for your own projects, email us at and let's make something great happen!

  • Five Practical (and Fun) Uses for Google Cardboard

    There was a time when many of us thought virtual reality was nearly impossible, and could only be within reach to those who were:

    1. related to George Jetson, or
    2. very, very wealthy.

    Now, thanks to Google Cardboard, VR is just a few folds away. Even what techies refer to as “entry-level VR” definitely has a lot of uses.  With its easy-to-assemble design and its many  compatible apps, you can have both enjoyable and practical activities at your fingertips.  Let's take a look at five matter-of-fact (but fun!) uses for your Cardboard.

    1. Never get lost.

    Having a virtual map like Google Street View means you can practically never get lost in any city or country you'll find yourself in.  Now, thanks to the Cardboard app and your kit, Google Maps for Android allows you to turn a regular street view into a binocular one. At the same time, you can be all touristy, see the sights,  and view new surroundings the same way you would in real space.

    The Orbulus has become a favorite app among early Cardboard users because it allows you to go anywhere and everywhere. This means famous cities, unexplored locations, holidays in different countries, and even leisurely walks on other planets!

    2. Attend important events and get a first-person view of the action.

    Hong Kong Unrest

    Currently in the works is a new multi-platform app that showcases important news events around the world like the recent Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstration. With it, you can “witness” the event and be part of the audience to really get a feel of what the gatherings were all about. has produced documentaries in VR and 360-degree videos so users can emotionally connect to the event. This kind of app paves the way for other essential documentaries by journalism outfits to be featured and experienced by anybody and everybody.

    3. Use both hands for DIY projects and other practical stuff.

    A peripheral created specifically for use with VR kits aims to complete the virtual reality experience – while being totally hands-free. This will be extra useful if you need a step-by-step guide on a DIY project or are at the receiving end of fitness instructions. One of I AM Cardboard's products is the EVA, which is a sturdier and more durable version of the Cardboard kits. Best of all, it features a head strap! This handy little accessory makes hands-free VR a lot more doable and useful.

    4. Get entertained.

    Lamper VR

    From games to virtual reality theater, your Google Cardboard will prove to be a handy and entertaining experience for you. Lamper is one such app where you can experience how it is to be a small bug in a huge, threatening world. Go through obstacles and get a real consciousness for what the challenges the games pose. You'll feel like a real winner in the end!

    5. Go see a movie.

    VR Cinema for Cardboard allows you to view your favorite MP4 files into a split-screen versions for a truly immersive cinematic experience. Any movie can become a 3D virtual reality experience with this app and your I AM Cardboard kit. Many other cinematic VR projects are currently being developed or fine-tuned for use with your Cardboard gear. We'll be sure to spread the word as soon as we get wind that they're ready and available for you!

  • I AM Cardboard's Top Five Favorite Apps

    Now that you've got your VR kit set up and ready to use, it's time to get some apps for your smartphone. With a Cardboard and the right kind of apps, you can be virtually anyone and be anywhere you want to be! Let's take a look at some of the most awesome apps available for Cardboard, and why they've become favorites with the I AM Cardboard team.

    1. Stereogram for Cardboard 2.0

    History buffs, this is the app you've been waiting for. Imagine a truckload of vivid 3D images from history before your eyes! The Stereogram for Cardboard allows you to control the app using just your voice. Search over 40,000 historical stereographs, curate a list of your favorite images, and just generally feel like you've made a trip to the Library of Congress or The Smithsonian Institution.

    Stereogram app

    The Stereogram for Cardboard app works best with 1080p smartphones.

    2. VR Roller Coaster

    You can experience the thrill of a roller coaster ride in the comfort of your armchair with this app. It's a hands-free thrilling virtual trip that lets you go through the loops, dips, and dives of a roller coaster – complete with ambient sounds of birds, a lively amusement park crowd, and the screams of other passengers!

    The VR Roller Coaster app works with any mobile stereoscopic headset with a built in accelerometer. Your Cardboard kit powers the app's stereoscopic rendering and head tracking for mobile VR.

    3. Paul McCartney

    If you aren't one of the clueless who actually believed Kanye West made Paul McCartney famous, then this app's for you. True fans of the Beatles legend will get a chance to view Sir Paul in concert via a cinematic VR experience. This app provides the sensation of being right next to the stage, witnessing an awe-inspiring performance of Live and Let Die in 360 degrees. You can also view minute details such as the audience, ceiling, and even the cameraman!

    Paul McCartney app

    The Paul McCartney app is currently going through some bug fixes. It works best with recent 5-6 inch model smartphone models for your Cardboard kit.

    4. Tokyo VR Cardboard

    Ever wanted to visit Tokyo but couldn't afford it yet? The Tokyo VR Cardboard app is the next best thing to booking a flight and a tour package. It offers a visit to 26 different locations in Tokyo, all with a 360 degree view. It's truly an immersive experience that is compatible with and fully optimized for your I AM Cardboard kit.

    5. Cardboard VR 3D Environment

    If you're looking to test your I AM Cardboard setup for the first time, then we highly recommend the Cardboard VR 3D app. You can experience a true 3D environment with illuminated trees, rocky landscapes, and other details of bucolic scenery. You simply have to move your head in 360 degrees to enjoy what this app has to offer.

    This app works with smartphones that have a gyroscope feature.

  • How to Assemble your I AM Cardboard Kit

    You don't have to be an origami master to assemble your I AM Cardboard kit. It only takes several folds to go from unbuilt cardboard kit to awesome VR headset. Below are ten steps to help you built your kit!

    1. Lay your unassembled I AM Cardboard kit on a flat surface.









    2. The perforated strip seals the kit and keeps you from enjoying your VR apps. It is evil. Tear it off!









    3. Take the content of the cardboard kit and unfold it vertically.









    4. Unfold horizontally. If you didn't follow the first step, you're gonna have a lot of cardboard flapping around!









    5. Go to the right side of the kit. Flip down the upper half. Make sure you fold the entire half, not just the panel with the lenses.









    6. Flip up the three panels as shown below, and insert the tabs into their slots. Don't worry if the slots don't stay, uh, slotted. Everything will be tight and sturdy when you're done with assembly.









    7. Fold that entire section up, and to the left...









    8. ... and keep folding! Now would be a good time to remove the double-side tape's backing on the left panel.









    9. Fold the top and left flaps into the main body.









    10. And you're done! You are a cardboard origami master! To use your cardboard kit, pop open the velcro panel, insert your phone, and fire up your favorite VR app.


  • I AM Cardboard is Heading for Germany!

    We’re excited to announce that I Am Cardboard will be hitting the road this month! We’ll be heading for Germany to take part in the CeBIT Exhibition & Conference for IT & Digital Business. The event will take place on March 16 to 20, and will feature some pretty big names in tech.

    Needless to say, we’re pretty thrilled to be a part of this conference. If you’re going to the event, be sure to drop by and say hello at the I AM Cardboard booth. We’ll be at Hall 17, booth no. G26-G3.

    Product showcase
    We have some cool stuff to show you. We’ll be demoing our much-anticipated XG VR headsets. This will be the first public unveiling of the unit after its successful Kickstarter campaign.

    The XG PCVR headset will also be showcased at our booth. This headset features a built-in screen, and offers an even more immersive experience.

    And since no trip to Germany is complete without a white-knuckle ride down the autobahn, we’re setting up a racing wheel and racing app for you to use with our XG headsets.

    Dealership opportunities
    I AM Cardboard’s EVA foam and cardboard kits are some of the fastest-selling kits in the market. Our headsets are making the jump from online to retail, creating a big opportunity for shops. Potential retail partners are welcome to come by our booth. We’d love to talk about wholesale rates and opportunities.

    Custom kits
    Brands are using Google Cardboard in some of the most memorable creative campaigns. Companies such as Volvo and Converse used Google Cardboard to create branded VR experiences. With our custom kits, I AM Cardboard gives you the chance to make your own branded experiences. We offer:

    Full-color digital printing, CMYK or 6C printing one side or both sides, silk screen printing, an exciting selection of cardboard and EVA foam colors.  . Custom headsets are available in two sizes designed to fit most smartphones. Drop by our booth to learn more about rates and quantities for our custom kits.


    It's gonna be a packed schedule, and we're looking forward to meeting VR fans in the real world! For more info on the conference, head over to Apart from details on the event itself, you’ll find information on travel and accommodations on the site.

    See ya!

  • How Google Cardboard Works (Tech Info for Non-Tech People)

    From the get-go, Google Cardboard has always been about bringing virtual reality to practically everyone. Yes, that includes non-techies; you know, non-gamers, non-geeks - pretty much ordinary people who own a smartphone.

    Its design is bare-bones and open-source, meaning it's available to anyone and can be modified according to personal preference. The realm of virtual reality can seem intimidating at first, but you can actually use Google Cardboard with just a few simple steps.

    1. Get a smartphone (of course!).

    You can use Google Cardboard if you have a smartphone. Simple as that.

    Some models compatible with I AM Cardboard include Nexus 6, Samsung Note 2, 3 and 4, Oneplus One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5, Nexus 4 and 5, Moto X, and iPhone 6. Size isn't an issue. Regular-sized smartphones can use the basic VR Cardboard Kit, while bigger models will fit into its Giant versions.

    2. Assemble your I AM Cardboard headset.

    Bigger version with NFC tag Bigger version with NFC tag

    Designed by tech geeks for non-tech folks, the I AM Cardboard headset is easy to assemble. Each model comes with clear instructions on how to fold and put together that it's practically idiot-proof. It will take five minutes at most to assemble it. Your smartphone's screen serves as the viewing screen, and its speakers provide audio. There are no other peripherals needed for a full virtual experience!

    3. Download the Google Cardboard app.

    There is a simple app that teaches first-time Cardboard users how to launch your favorite VR apps. Its demos include YouTube, Tour Guide, Exhibit, and more. These give you virtual experience from viewing your favorite videos, to serving as your local guide to exotic places, through to allowing you to view cultural artifacts from various angles. Having this app also allows the merely curious to become more familiar with the virtual reality experience.

    4. Choose your favorite apps and games.

    Now it's time to play pretend, but in a more sophisticated, immersive way. Over two hundred Cardboard apps are currently available on Google Play to download for your Cardboard VR headset. You can use it for practical purposes like a city or landmark interactive tool, an educational medium to learn about spatial relationships of objects, or as a virtual map for exploring different locations. As for entertainment, you will not run out of fun VR things to do with games, theater, music, and videos.

    The cardboard can also with used with any VR website that you can load up on your phone web browser, such as one that gives you a virtual tour of any US university.

    5. Have fun!

    With your I AM Cardboard virtual headset ready, there should be no stopping you from enjoying all that it has to offer. You can have the same virtual experience at a fraction of what high-end VR headsets cost. For those born in the 80s, the Cardboard is like a more promising version of the View-Master, with both requiring just a couple of clicks to enjoy. The huge difference is that you can lose yourself in the virtual world of your choice while sitting or standing comfortably!

  • Thanks for making our Kickstarter a success!

    Our recently-concluded Kickstarter campaign for the XG VR headset went over four times its original goal!  We'd like to give a HUGE amount of thanks to all the people who supported the campaign. You guys made it happen!


    The XG model is a high-grade headset that comes at an affordable price. We designed the XG VR headset with all sorts of people in mind, not just techies or gamers. With the growing list of Google Cardboard apps, it's never been easier to experience mind-blowing virtual reality.

    Don't stress out if you weren't able to take part in our Kickstarter campaign. Headsets will be made available at our webstore soon. We also have other super-secret things coming up. To get the news quickly, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

    Once again, from the bottom of our cardboard hearts, thank you.

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