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  • An Early Christmas Wish: Virtual Twists to 5 Classic Board Games

    September is here, and before we know it, it's time to enumerate all the things we'd want to receive for the holidays. On that note, we decided to come up with an early Christmas wish list simply because we believe the earlier you make a wish, the earlier it comes true! So here come 5 classic board games we hope and pray will very soon get virtual reality upgrades.

    1. Monopoly
    The app Monopoly Millionaire proved that there’s still life in this old game, so why not push it a little bit further with a full-on immersive one?

    We wish for a VR version of Monopoly because…
    Dominating the real estate business is nice - but doing in in 3D is three times the fun!

    2. Cluedo
    There really is no better way to get into character and crack a classic case of “whodunit” than in 3D. Cluedo has mystery, intrigue, and (we hope soon) a 3D twist. The fact that there was even a TV show based on it should point to its potential as a virtual reality game.

    We wish for a VR version of Cluedo because…
    It would be a treat to see characters like Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mrs. Peacock, Reverend Green, Colonel Mustard, and Mrs. White all come to (virtual) life.

    3. Battleship
    Go head-to-head with a friend and sink each other’s naval fleet. Deploy your battleship, aircraft carrier, destroyer, submarine, and patrol boat. This we’d love to play in 3D.

    We wish for a VR version of Battleship because…
    Seeing your opponent’s ships blow up and sink to the ocean’s depths is much more fun.

    4. Chess

    Holochess on Star it possible? Holochess on Star it possible?

    Chess is one of the oldest board games there is. No need for explanations here. It teaches you to be critical and to plan your every move. A virtual infusion would certainly add allure and catapult this erstwhile game for four-eyed geeks to higher levels of popularity.

    We wish for a VR version of Chess because…
    Just imagine a towering rook pounding a lowly pawn into oblivion and you’ll see why we want it.

    ***Similarly, a well-loved 80’s game like Archon (also available on iTunes) would also be a welcome sight in VR gaming. It just didn’t make the list because, technically, it’s not really a board game.

    5. Chutes and Ladders
    It’s probably the first board game you learned to play as a child. So why not introduce it to a whole new generation of kids the virtual way?

    We wish for a VR version of Chutes and Ladders because…
    While the fact that it’s a game based on sheer luck, the prospect of a 3D slide down the chutes or climb up the ladders should no doubt make it a fun virtual experience.

    A good twist of the virtual flavor may just be exactly what these well-loved board games need to add an extra shot of freshness and entertainment. It’d surely take the “bored” out of old board games!

  • From Virtual to Reality: The Rise of 3D

    Pacman 3D

    Phones. Computers. Tablets.

    Many fail to realize all the years of innovation and ingenuity that go into everyday items. For instance, have you ever wondered how that little cardboard gizmo you’re holding in your hands came about?

    It has been said that those who know the past have the power to shape the future. By having a thorough grasp of the evolution of things, one gains enough insight to steer ahead. So to fully understand the Virtual Reality that we enjoy today, we need to see its roots. Let’s travel back through time and take look at the many permutations of VR devices through the years.

    VR history 101 is now in session.

    Insurgence and Resurgence

    One common misconception about VR is that it is “new”. While it does seem like a contemporary concept—thanks to innovators over the years—this isn’t exactly the case. In fact, it's been around for decades. Even though the term Virtual Reality was coined back in the 1980’s (By Jaron Lanier) the concept in itself was already around as early as the 1950’s.

    It was, however, unfortunate that much of its potential  when it was first introduced went largely unrealized—in large part due to the lack of technological advancements available. The oftentimes mediocre graphics were too much for users to ignore and to fully buy into a supposed “fully immersive” experience. Like many things in life, it’s all a matter of opportunity and timing. And the timing was just not right so much of the hoopla surrounding virtual reality died down, leaving it relatively out of mainstream culture.

    Thanks to better graphics technology, VR steadily built up steam until it gained enough of momentum akin to a runaway freight train the past few years.

    Evolution and Revolution

    Sensorama (1950s)
    Revolutionary cinematographer Morton Heilig pioneered this console that featured moving chairs, odor emitters, and stereo speakers as well as stereoscopic displays to upgrade the usual viewing experience. It was thus touted the “Cinema of the Future”.

    Headsight (1961)
    Headsight was a helmet that had a video screen and a tracking system and was used by engineers for remote operations in dangerous locations. It operated via a closed camera circuit system.

    Ultimate Display (1965)
    With the Ultimate Display, computer scientist Ivan Sutherland was able to place users in a virtual world. Being that hardware didn’t come in small packages as it does today, the computer connected to the HMD (head-mounted display) looked more like a contraption straight out of a sci-fi flick.

    Tron (1982)
    1982 was the year VR went to Hollywood. Though it didn’t make VR available to the public, it gave viewers a good view of things to come.

    Virtuality Group (1991)
    Virtuality Group brought virtual reality to a new generation in the form of special arcade machines. It took VR to a whole new level with upgraded graphics and 3D versions of classic games such as Pac-Man.

    Sega VR (1993)
    Major video game console maker Sega unveiled its VR wrap-around glasses at the Consumer Electronics Show. Strangely enough, it never hit the shelves. In a few years, however, Nintendo’s Virtual Boy did break through to the market but eventually crashed and burned due to lackluster reception.

    Project Morpheus (2014)
    With better graphics available, virtual reality received a new lease on life. Even the giants at Sony hopped on the VR bandwagon with their own VR headset for their PlayStation gaming console.

    Google Cardboard (2014)
    With other VR devices in the market wearing price tags that are a little too out of reach, the wonderful folks at Google took a radically simplistic approach and brought VR technology to the masses.

    Being one of the more accessible (and very much affordable) VR gadgets in the market, we can see why Google Cardboard has risen to prominence to become one of the top figures in the Virtual Reality game. And with I Am Cardboard, you need not worry about getting left behind in the VR revolution. By simply donning a visor, you can plunge deep and realize practically any alternative reality.

  • Our Five Favorite VR Apps for iOS

    The Google Cardboard party used to be strictly Android(s)-only. But with the release of the V2 cardboard kit, iPhone can finally join the VR soiree. (The more the merrier, right?) Here's a list of our favorite iPhone apps. If you've just joined the party, these apps will acquaint you with iOS-based VR .

    An intro to VR

    Google Cardboard


    The adventure begins here. This app will show the basics of the platform, and help you get the most of your virtual experience.

    VR Gaming

    Occupation VR (Vyacheslav Khaynyuk)

    screen640x640 (2)

    Survive a post-apocalyptic world while rescuing a damsel in distress. This action-packed app has all the ingredients of one kickass videogame and comes with continuous updates for more surprises. Reminiscent of GTA fame, it’s something that fans of 1st/3rd person shooter games will enjoy.

    VR Jump Tour

    screen640x640 (3)

    Get off your seat and jump around. You’ll almost feel like Superman leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Just make sure you’ve got enough space so you don’t inadvertently run into furniture.

    Virtual Travel

    Goggle VR Helicopter Flight Las Vegas (IUW)


    Ever wonder what it’s like to be at the heart of Sin City? Well strap on your Google Cardboard and take a trip high above Vegas. It’s lights and sounds galore with every turn of your head in the city that never sleeps. Viva Las Vegas indeed.

    Smart City – Beenoculus (Jose Junior)

    screen520x924 (1)

    With a colorful history steeped in rich heritage and culture, the fun never stops in Brazil. Smart City lets you take in the breathtaking sights of Curitiba high atop its panoramic tower with loads of places in the city supported by the virtual tour.

  • Let There Be Google Cardboard… for iOS Devices

    IPhone users rejoice! With the release of the V2 cardboard kit, accessible virtual reality is now available for iOS users. These kits still stay true to the principles of simplicity and affordability.

    The need to evolve

    Google's foray into the virtual reality game unlocked a host of VR devices - at least, for Android smartphone users.  After Google revealed the first kit at the I/O conference in 2014, a host of manufacturers (such as I AM Cardboard) began making their own versions of the Google Cardboard kit. I AM Cardboard took things a notch higher by creating innovative products that departed from the basic cardboard kit design.

    I AM Cardboard's first kit. I AM Cardboard's first kit. Works with Android only.

    Everything was awesome - at least, for Android users. But how about iPhone users? It was time to let them in on the fun. It was time for the Google Cardboard kit to evolve once again.

    iPhones and the V2 Cardboard kit

    The new V2 Cardboard kits come with a conductive strip that replaces the magnet clickers that came with the earlier cardboard models. That, and the addition of a new SDK and Cardboard app means you can now experience accessible virtual reality on your iPhone.

    Our V2 kits come with an iPhone-compatible conductive strip. Our V2 kits come with an iPhone-compatible conductive strip.

    Taking on a bigger-is-better approach, these newer kits can also fit larger phones - up to iPhone 6 Plus-sized units. To top it all off, it’s even easier to use. And with the availability of popular VR apps such as VR One Cinema, Insurgent, Sisters, and Insidious, you can break reality using your iPhone.

    I AM Cardboard's V2 kit - wider compatibility, wider fun! I AM Cardboard's V2 kit - wider compatibility, wider fun!

    The V2 kit is simple, affordable, nifty, and easy to use- just like the first kits - but with wider compatibility. With these new and improved cardboard kits, users can now spend hours lost in virtual reality fun, whether they have an iPhone 6 or a Nexus 6.

  • Putting Virtual Reality in Business

    A competitive advantage is essential to make it in the world of business. In this day and age, you have to come up with really creative ways for your company to bloom. The use of virtual reality is one such way.

    There have already been a number of companies—from auto makers to soda manufacturers—that have made use of virtual reality technology as a means to further success. Here are a few ways that VR can help you get a leg up when it comes to business.

    Product Viewing

    Potential customers can better appreciate what you can offer them when you give them a unique look at what you can offer them. Automotive giants such as Mercedes Benz and Volvo have already done so in virtual fashion by creating virtual test drives for buyers to get a 3D feel for their cars.

    Employee Training

    Training and orientation videos are usual basic tools in human resources—especially when there is high employee turnover. Having it done in an immersive way that only the VR medium can bring about is certainly a step up from the usual videos that newly-hired employees need to sit through.

    Virtual Meetings

    Business trips are almost a thing of the past. Technology affords us the chance to conduct business globally without even leaving the office building. That’s why conference calls are already the norm. Why not take it a step further and do it in a much more immersive setting?

    Marketing Campaigns

    It’s all about the right marketing campaign. By creating a unique experience for potential customers, you get to tickle their fancy so they come to you in droves. On this note, custom-printed kit services can up the ante, marketing-wise, so your business can soar to greater heights.

    While not too many businesses these days make use of the VR medium, it certainly is a tool with much potential. No business, after all, flourished by taking the conservative mindset. And with a tool like Google Cardboard, you’ve got a low-cost tool that comes with high gains for you to make it in business.

  • Virtual Becomes Reality: Pop Culture References that Predicted How Virtual Reality Can Affect Lives

    From movies to music videos, the world of pop culture has always dabbled with the ever-fascinating possibilities brought forth by the technology of Virtual Reality. It is, after all, in human nature to want what’s beyond our reach and that—to an extent—is what VR does.

    As such, we’ve gathered some instances in pop culture as seen on film, TV, and heard through music that showed how virtual reality can affect lives.

    Tron & Tron Legacy

    There’s no denying that the entire gaming experience can be amped ten-fold if done in the 3D setting. Of course, there’s no sign that we’ll be able to literally jump into cyberspace in the near future, it still gives us a glimpse into what VR can do—and is already doing—to the world of gaming.

    The Lawnmower Man

    This Stephen King classic delved at the possible negative side effects of VR. As with everything else, there is a thin line that can easily be crossed. It’s really up to people to make use of technology for just the right reasons.

    Demolition Man

    VR makes fantasies as true as can be. And where else do fantasies run the most amuck than in the bedroom? Demolition Man predicted a not-so-intimate take on the most intimate of moments.

    Music Video for “Amazing” by Aerosmith

    Scene from Aerosmith's "Amazing" music video Scene from Aerosmith's "Amazing" music video

    Two decades ago, Alicia Silverstone was every red-blooded teenage boy’s fantasy. The music video for “Amazing” brought one on-screen boy’s fantasies to life via his Virtual Headset. Only it turns out, he was living in her virtual reality instead.

    Music Video for “I Got You Babe” by Cher featuring Beavis and Butthead

    Virtual dating is a decades-old concept. Generation X’s favorite hilarious dimwits got to go on a dream date with Cher back in the nineties.

    “Virtual Insanity” by Jamiroquai

    There’s no doubt that VR offers a lot of good possibilities. But with vicarious existence being so enticing, it’s not far-fetched to assume that it can get twisted or that some folks just might end up spending too much time in the virtual world and not nearly enough in the real one.

    With the availability of just the right apps, any experience can be yours virtually. And as cliché as it may seem, the future really is now. Yet at the same time, something tells us that we have barely begun to scratch the surface of what virtual reality can bring.

  • First Things First: 10 Must-Have Apps for Google Cardboard Newbies

    They say that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. With these 10 apps, new I Am Cardboard users can start a wonderful journey into the VR realm and enjoy hours of fun in 3D.

    1. Cardboard (Google Inc.)

    Cardboard gets you off on the right foot as you delve into the 3D world. Simply download it and you’re all set for hours of fun—virtual style.

    2.  Lamper (Archiact Interactive Ltd.)

    Let us tell you about the birds, the bees, and the app called Lamper; it’s fun! You make like a bee and buzz around avoiding obstacles along the way.

    3. Zombie Warfare (Fibrum)

    It’s the zombie apocalypse and, of course, it’s up to you to save humanity. Load up and get your game face on as you shoot your way through.

    4. Sisters (Otherworld Interactive)

    Looking for a spine-tingling VR experience? Sisters is one creepy game that’s sure to get your spook on. You’ll feel like you entered the Twilight Zone once you strap on your VR headset. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

    5. Dive Deep (Durovis)

    No need to hold your breath for this deep sea dive. Although it doesn’t offer much in terms of graphics, Dive Deep still makes for a great introduction to the wonderful world of virtual reality.

    6. Orbulus (VR Craftworks Limited)

    Who needs visas, passports, and plane tickets? All it takes is a VR cardboard headset and you’re off to see the world and beyond.

    7. Cosmic Roller Coaster (Raiz)

    With the number of roller coaster apps available, it’s imperative that new users try at least one. This particular roller coaster ride stands heads and shoulders above the rest as, instead of being a “normal” virtual theme park ride, users get treated to a ride around the vastness of the cosmos.

    8. AAA VR Cinema Cardboard 3D SBS (Candlify Technologies)

    Put some magic in your cinema-viewing experience by downloading this app. This way, you get to enjoy videos in full cinematic virtual reality.

    9. Reality Hacker (VisoR)

    Aptly named, this app lets you hack the real world around you and allows you to see things in a different light.

    10. Paul McCartney (Jaunt)

    There is no reason to settle for an ordinary concert video experience when you can get right in the middle of 360-degree concert. This one features none other than Sir Paul McCartney himself.

    Finding just the right apps can unleash your Google Cardboard’s potential. And as far as getting things started goes, these ten apps are definite must-haves for any new user. With simple tilts of the head, you can enjoy fully immersive reality the virtual way.

  • Memorable VR-Based Marketing Campaigns

    Virtual reality brings unique experiences for viewers, but it also provides advertisers with a tool that works outside conventional media. And working outside the conventional is what makes VR a potent tool for marketing. With the advent of Google Cardboard, VR-based marketing campaigns became more accessible for both brands and consumers.

    With that in mind, here are some of the most noteworthy marketing campaigns that made good use of Google Cardboard.

    Volvo Reality Test Drive

    Clever and true to the medium, the Volvo virtual reality app lets users take an XC90 out for a virtual spin. Though there is, of course, no substitute for driving the real thing, the campaign provided a memorable way for consumers to experience the brand.

    Coca-Cola World Cup

    Only football can command such a frenzied devotion among global sports fans. And every four years, that frenzy reaches a fever pitch because of the World Cup. Coca-Cola tapped into the FIFA festivities last year to bring the stadium atmosphere right in front of the retinas of football fans around the world.

    River Island Virtual Fashion

    It’s hard to get a front row seat to watch the glitz and glamour of a fashion show. River Island brought their clothing line closer to their clientele this year by partnering up with Google Cardboard and putting on a full 360-degree virtual fashion show.

    Mattel View-Master

    The View-Master is one of the most iconic toys from decades past. Google teamed-up with Mattel to bring forth a modern version of this childhood classic. The new View-Master lets users experience undersea and planetary tours, among many other immersive adventures.

    Virtual reality is a veritable playground for brands and marketers. It's an excellent medium for advertisers to showcase products and services in a unique and compelling way. With I AM Cardboard’s custom-printed kit service, getting branded kits for VR-based campaigns is easier than ever. Why wait on the sidelines when you can be among the firsts to corner the market?

  • A Step Outside the Cardboard Box: Five Unique VR Apps

    The virtual reality platform provides fertile ground for innovation. Here we take a close look at five innovative VR apps available for Google Cardboard.

    Reality Hacker (VisoR)

    Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.09.08 AM

    It’s a wonderful world, and you can view it in even more wonderful ways - all while 'hacking' reality and changing the world around you. Alternatively, you can see the world in a different light through Augmented VR Experience (Jackaar Software). Let’s just say it’s an app that’s sure to tickle the fancy of any Terminator, Matrix, or Star Wars fan.

    R5’s Heart Made Up On You VR (Jaunt Inc.)

    Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.10.17 AM

    Remember that Paul McCartney concert app? Well, Jaunt Inc. takes the concept further with this app. Get a virtual feel of what it’s like to BE a part of the R5 as the band whips out a rendition of their hit single Heart Made Up On You. It’s a small step for virtual reality and a giant leap for music fans everywhere.

    InMind VR (Nival)

    Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.10.41 AM

    InMind VR is a game that allows you to delve deep into the human brain. While the concept in itself borrows from sci-fi movies of yore, it still takes on an aura of freshness, given that you're exploring the depths of the human mind via VR.

    inArt – VR/AR Gallery (nesvi)

    Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.09.46 AM

    As this is, for now, just a technical demo, we can only surmise (and hope) that it will get better with time. InArt, puts you right in the midst of a virtual art gallery, and allows to soak up the splendor of fine art.

    VR Toilet Simulator (LocoVR)

    Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.09.26 AM

    Is it useful? Not at all! Is it novel? Is it fun? You bet it is! VR Toilet Simulator is a breath of fresh air (maybe not in the literal sense) in a market flooded with roller coaster apps, and offers a good laugh for all the times when boredom sets in.

    Though they are indeed fun, VR isn’t all about video games, roller coasters, and haunted houses. You can take a trip outside the virtual box whenever you strap on your cardboard with these five unique apps.

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