Check out Mike's Awesome VR Wedding Proposal!

Earlier this week, we wrote about our favorite non-gaming apps for Google Cardboard. Today, it’s time to show another great, more personal, use for VR - declaring everlasting love!

Our friend Mike Rios sent us a video showing how he used virtual reality and I AM Cardboard's EVA kit to propose to his girlfriend Maggie. Mike and Maggie are both highly creative people, and the proposal used technology to reflect their personalities.



We could go on and on about how wonderful this is, but we better let Mike himself speak about the project:

“Five years ago in the courtyard in Pasadena, California I met Maggie, and three sentences into meeting her I jokingly asked her to marry me...

On February 8th, 2015 with the help of family and friends we met in that same courtyard without her for a photoshphere photo shoot, and to learn a dance.

A month later, on March 8th, 2015, I brought Maggie back to the same exact place in the courtyard we met in for a surprise Virtual Reality experience (using your various products) with a Mariachi Band for accompaniment, and proceeded to ask her to marry me, again (this time for real)!"

We're psyched to see all the different ways people use virtual reality. Of course, we're also honored that Mike used our EVA kit for this loving and imaginative number.

If you'd like to use I AM Cardboard's kits for your own projects, email us at and let's make something great happen!

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