Thanks for making our Kickstarter a success!

Our recently-concluded Kickstarter campaign for the XG VR headset went over four times its original goal!  We'd like to give a HUGE amount of thanks to all the people who supported the campaign. You guys made it happen!


The XG model is a high-grade headset that comes at an affordable price. We designed the XG VR headset with all sorts of people in mind, not just techies or gamers. With the growing list of Google Cardboard apps, it's never been easier to experience mind-blowing virtual reality.

Don't stress out if you weren't able to take part in our Kickstarter campaign. Headsets will be made available at our webstore soon. We also have other super-secret things coming up. To get the news quickly, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Once again, from the bottom of our cardboard hearts, thank you.

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