How to Assemble your I AM Cardboard Kit

You don't have to be an origami master to assemble your I AM Cardboard kit. It only takes several folds to go from unbuilt cardboard kit to awesome VR headset. Below are ten steps to help you built your kit!

1. Lay your unassembled I AM Cardboard kit on a flat surface.









2. The perforated strip seals the kit and keeps you from enjoying your VR apps. It is evil. Tear it off!









3. Take the content of the cardboard kit and unfold it vertically.









4. Unfold horizontally. If you didn't follow the first step, you're gonna have a lot of cardboard flapping around!









5. Go to the right side of the kit. Flip down the upper half. Make sure you fold the entire half, not just the panel with the lenses.









6. Flip up the three panels as shown below, and insert the tabs into their slots. Don't worry if the slots don't stay, uh, slotted. Everything will be tight and sturdy when you're done with assembly.









7. Fold that entire section up, and to the left...









8. ... and keep folding! Now would be a good time to remove the double-side tape's backing on the left panel.









9. Fold the top and left flaps into the main body.









10. And you're done! You are a cardboard origami master! To use your cardboard kit, pop open the velcro panel, insert your phone, and fire up your favorite VR app.


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