The Big Four: Film Franchises Riding the VR Wave

In a recent blog entry, we promised a deeper look at famous entertainment franchises that have released noteworthy VR apps. These movies are some of the more memorable ones that have ridden the virtual wave and tickled our fancy in the process.

Star Wars

The Force Awakens immersive
December is seeing a massive awakening in The Force. With a steady flow of releases over the next couple of years, one can hope that there will also be a steady wave of virtual releases too. And we’ll be the first to admit that app makers won’t need to resort to Jedi mind tricks for us to tell them to shut up, take our republic credits, and whisk us off in full immersive fashion to a galaxy far, far away.

Paranormal Activity


People love a good scare and there’s no more realistic a way than the virtual way. This was evident in popular VR apps such as Sisters. With Paranormal Activity being one of the most notable franchises to give you the shivers, its marriage with VR is definitely one for the books.

The Hunger Games

The Virtual take on the massively popular franchise that is Hunger Games gives users a stunningly dream-like experience. The six-minute journey through its post-apocalyptic setting is as intense as it gets and is sure to leave fans of the franchise wanting more.

Jurassic World


Being one of the popular franchises of the 90s, Jurassic Park recently found new life and expanded into a (Jurassic) world of its own. And with the timely infusion of the 3D experience, you can be sure of more realistic giant reptiles come back from extinction to come your way. It’s definitely a step up from all the other dinosaur-themed apps that have proliferated in the market, that’s for sure.

These well-loved franchises have done well to get a virtual infusion. And we are happy to have had our virtual fix.

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    i am a teacher and film maker in a special school in argentina. I want to use my ipad mini with vr, but i dont know how model buy for my i pad. Can we tell me what model choice for my ipad mini?

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