How Virtual Reality is Assisting Real Life

A few blog posts ago, we mentioned how the Virtual Reality Medical Center is using VR as a treatment for PTSD. It showed the real-world applications of a technology commonly used to escape it. This time around, we’ll expand on that theme and take a look at other practical, real-world uses for VR.

Where to go to college

Picking which college to attend is one of the biggest decisions of our lives. Google makes this task a lot less tedious as you won’t even need to go to every campus on your short list. With Google Street View, you can take virtual tours of the campuses on your radar and weed out the ones that don’t live up to your lofty standards.,2817,2462182,00.asp

Traffic Safety

On-road accidents have been a constant threat to our safety and well-being since we started getting behind the wheel. Through the use of virtual reality technology, student drivers can be subjected to simulated distractions similar to train them to concentrate better. Through this learners can focus on driving alone.

Phantom Treatment

Just as the field of medicine uses VR to cure PTSD, so to can it be used for the treatment of phantom pains for amputees. According to an experimental study, virtual reality applications can significantly reduce phantom pains even in severe cases.

Dissipating Dangers

One of the constants in the practical uses of VR is that it can dissipate the dangers of certain situations done in real life through simulations. From medical treatments to the simple task of driving and even military training, VR affords users ample time to practice, in as close to real-life scenarios as possible, without any threat to physical well-being.


For as long as virtual reality has been around, we have been looking beyond mere entertainment applications. These are but a few ways and we are still finding new ways that it can affect us on a real level.

As we are only just beginning to scratch the surface of what virtual reality can truly do for us, something tells us that the VR platform still has plenty more surprises waiting for us in the near future. And surprises will surely make a difference in how we live.

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