Looking back at 2015

With the new year three weeks away, now's a good time to look at all the cool stuff that happened in 2015. In twelve months, I AM Cardboard released two awesome, new headsets and embarked on wildly successful Kickstarter campaigns to support those products. We also upgraded some of our existing products and attended several tech conventions, including TechCrunch's Disrupt SF 2015.

Below are some highlights of this awesome year:

1. PCVR Kickstarter exceeds funding goals


On February 28, 1,229 backers helped us exceed our original funding goal by over four times. The headsets in the series - the XGVR and XGPC were an evolution in accessible VR.

2. I AM Cardboard gets Google certification

Works With Google Cardboard badge Works With Google Cardboard badge

On April 22, Google validated our products by giving us the Works With Google Cardboard (WWGC) certification. A WWGC-certified product is guaranteed to work with all Google Cardboard apps. A WWGC badge also means a product adheres to Google's stringent standards.

3. The V2 Cardboard kit is released

FB kraft

During the 2015 I/O conference, Google unveiled the new version of their cardboard kit. As good as the first version was, the V2 kit makes some pretty awesome improvements over the former, including wider phone compatibility and the option to use iPhones. On June 3, I AM Cardboard became one of the first cardboard producers to offer V2 cardboard kits. Our EVA kits were also upgraded with the same features.

4. Introducing the dscvr headset


On early September, I AM Cardboard revealed an innovative new viewer - the dscvr headset. The viewer features a unique, spring-loaded chassis that makes it ergonomic and super-portable.

5. Kickstarter campaign for the dscvr headset is launched 


To support the dscvr headset, we launched a Kickstarter on September 22. Much like the XGPC campaign earlier in the year, the dscvr campaign garnered a lot of attention and support from fans. 2,225 people supported the Kickstarter, helping us raise over three times the original funding goal.

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