Five Pioneering Industries For Virtual Reality

Image courtesy of the British Museum

History has known many great pioneers. The same rings true for virtual reality. It is a medium that’s transforming the world as we know it—from entertainment to communication to  virtually anything in-between. Not surprisingly, there are industries that blazed a trail and laid a solid foundation for it. Here are five (plus one!) noteworthy industries that did exactly that.

Paul McCartney. Jack White. These are but two artists whose live performances have been captured and thus immortalized through VR—courtesy of Jaunt Inc. While some may still argue that video was responsible for killing radio stars of days gone by, we argue that it won’t be the same case for VR because it has the potential to bring any artist—past, present, or future—right to the forefront in full immersive fashion.

The Arts
Through various collections of artifacts, museums give visitors a chance to go on an immersive walk through history. So it makes sense for that world to collide with VR. One of the finest moments of virtual reality meets art  was when the British Museum used VR to give visitors a feel for what life was like during the Bronze Age.

Medicine (Education)
It is a looming reality in the medical world that there are procedures that doctors rarely perform but must be done with speed and pinpoint accuracy when needed. As such, medicine has seen an increase in the use of medical simulations to prepare medical practitioners. This includes delicate procedures (such as cricothyrectomy) to more common ones (such as CPR). VR allows doctors to practice procedures without the possible consequences.

There’s just no denying that the gaming industry was and is the most fertile ground upon which VR applications grow, continue to grow, and thrive on. Though the VR console from Sega never came to fruition all those years ago, the seed that was planted definitely took root and sprung like hope eternal as seen in the abundance of gaming apps available today.

The Adult Industry
Whenever a new piece of technology comes along, you can be sure that adult entertainment will be right in front of the cue. It is, after all, a multi-million dollar industry that caters to one of humanity’s most primal instincts.

And as an interesting plus one...

Politics could be a dirtier world than the previous industry. Regardless, President Obama’s virtual appearance  makes it clear that politics and VR can mesh. It might not be far-fetched to think that the 2016 elections can be influenced by it. Just as MTV was utilized for Bill Clinton’s presidential bid back in the nineties as a way to reach the youth, so too can VR play a pivotal role in the 2016 presidential race.

Virtual reality has always been touted as a "tomorrow" technology; one we could only dream of. With these pioneering industries cashing in on that promise, you can bet your bottom dollar that the dream is now a reality we can enjoy.

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