Behind the scenes of our design process

We consider great design a process, not just a result. Our dscvr and XGVR/PC headsets took form after repeated sketching, rendering, and tinkering. We wouldn’t have reached that final design without going through a ton of initial, exploratory designs. That’s why we value the design process.

To give you an idea about our process, here are the steps the dscvr headset took, from conceptualization to production.

Get messy

This is the freest, most fan part of the process. We just empty our brains onto the paper. No editing, no critiquing. Just get those ideas out.

1 Initial ideas for a VR viewer that would end up being the dscvr headset.


Cull your ideas

This is the least fun part of the design process. We look at our initial designs with a critical eye, toss out what doesn't work, and consider those with potential. As writers would say: write in white heat, revise in cold blood.

2 From the torrent of initial ideas, we focused on a design that had a slot for smartphones.

Refine, refine, refine... then refine some more

We liked the idea of putting a slot for smartphones, but felt that it could still be improved upon. Subsequent rounds of design took us far from that idea. We moved forward with a silicone flap that grips the smartphone. And while the production model of the dscvr uses that flap, even that went through several iterations before being finalized.

4 This sketch also shows our plan for the headset's input method.



Once we were satisfied with our concepts, we rendered the headset. This gave the design a clearer form, and enabled us to take the design to the next stage.

IMG_1584 A rendered design enabled us to fine-tune the dscvr headset's spring-loaded chassis.


After the seemingly endless rounds of sketching, rendering, and brainstorming. It's time to create the first prototypes. This is where our ideas take shape and, most importantly, are put to the test.


11940343_10153078318236272_1526810152_n Prototype frames.



Even the packaging isn't spared from critique. We initially thought of a "cheeseburger" case for the dscvr headset.  We nixed that idea in favor of a more streamlined package that also served as a carrying case for the viewer.

IMG_1562 Want a cheeseburger?

The final product

After all those steps, here is the final product - the dcsvr headset. We're super-psyched the headset made it all the way to production. We're also excited for you to try it. Pre-orders are now open at our shop. Check it out!

input The finish line.

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