"What's a 'roadworthy' headset anyways?"

Bring up the term "roadworthy" and a few things come to mind - a burly SUV; a giant eighteen wheeler; your banged-up, twenty year-old car that just keeps soldiering on.  But virtual reality viewers? Unless you find one merged with an engine, nobody really thinks of VR headsets in that regard. While I Am Cardboard never considered mounting a V8 on a VR headset (although that would be SO cool), we wanted to make a headset that was rugged enough for both light and on-the-go use.

Your basic cardboard kit is a nice, easy way to experience virtual reality. But if you want something that'll take a harder beating, you'll need to get something more rugged. Enter the dscvr headset. During the design phase, we narrowed the features down to three groups which, we think, makes the dscvr headset totally roadworthy:

1. Compactness 

The dscvr headset comes with a sturdy carrying case. But what makes the headset both innovative and highly portable is its extending, spring-loaded chassis. By retracting the chassis, you reduce the headset's thickness by almost half. You can toss it into your bag and literally forget about the headset until the time you need it.





2. Ergonomics 

To facilitate the spring-loaded function, we gave the dscvr headset a hexagonal-shaped chassis. Turns out, this shape also feels great in the hands. The headset has hardly any hard edges and harsh angles.


3. Compatibility 

We also designed this headset to be something you can pass on to friends and use multiple phones with. It can accommodate most iOS and Android phones - we recommend phones with four- to six-inch displays. We also improved on the conductive button found on V2 cardboard kits. The dscvr headset has a more durable input system that can work with most smartphones.


The dscvr headset was initially funded over at Kickstarter. Pre-orders are now open at the Kickstarter page. Get your headset now!

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