Pop Quiz: What's Better Than a Cardboard VR Kit?

dscvr a super portable VR kit

Let's make a checklist.

Compatibility with most iOS and Android phones? Check.

An innovative, retractable chassis for ultimate portability? Check.

A sturdy, hexagonal shape to make it easier (and cooler) to tote? Check.

No hard edges and sharp corners? Check.

A silicone flap that won't attract grime and dust from repeated use (and you're going to want to hold this headset a lot!)? Check.

More possible color options to choose from (based on stretch goals)? Check.

The dscvr headset feels as good on the hands as it does to the eyes. With the dscvr headset, taking your virtual reality adventures with you has never been easier. And the great news is, we've already met our initial Kickstarter funding goal, thanks to the overwhelming response of awesome people -- people who can recognize a good VR product when they see one!

If you're one of them, you can back dscvr's stretch goals and influence the outcome of this innovative new product - including color options and other features! This early on, we've already gotten some exciting comments from future dscvr users, and we are tickled pink (and blue, lime green, yellow, etc.) about all of them.

The dscvr headset is the next evolution in accessible virtual reality. More information and FAQs about it can be found at our Kickstarter campaign page.

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