Our Five Favorite VR Apps for iOS

The Google Cardboard party used to be strictly Android(s)-only. But with the release of the V2 cardboard kit, iPhone can finally join the VR soiree. (The more the merrier, right?) Here's a list of our favorite iPhone apps. If you've just joined the party, these apps will acquaint you with iOS-based VR .

An intro to VR

Google Cardboard


The adventure begins here. This app will show the basics of the platform, and help you get the most of your virtual experience.

VR Gaming

Occupation VR (Vyacheslav Khaynyuk)

screen640x640 (2)

Survive a post-apocalyptic world while rescuing a damsel in distress. This action-packed app has all the ingredients of one kickass videogame and comes with continuous updates for more surprises. Reminiscent of GTA fame, it’s something that fans of 1st/3rd person shooter games will enjoy.

VR Jump Tour

screen640x640 (3)

Get off your seat and jump around. You’ll almost feel like Superman leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Just make sure you’ve got enough space so you don’t inadvertently run into furniture.

Virtual Travel

Goggle VR Helicopter Flight Las Vegas (IUW)


Ever wonder what it’s like to be at the heart of Sin City? Well strap on your Google Cardboard and take a trip high above Vegas. It’s lights and sounds galore with every turn of your head in the city that never sleeps. Viva Las Vegas indeed.

Smart City – Beenoculus (Jose Junior)

screen520x924 (1)

With a colorful history steeped in rich heritage and culture, the fun never stops in Brazil. Smart City lets you take in the breathtaking sights of Curitiba high atop its panoramic tower with loads of places in the city supported by the virtual tour.

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