First Things First: 10 Must-Have Apps for Google Cardboard Newbies

They say that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. With these 10 apps, new I Am Cardboard users can start a wonderful journey into the VR realm and enjoy hours of fun in 3D.

1. Cardboard (Google Inc.)

Cardboard gets you off on the right foot as you delve into the 3D world. Simply download it and you’re all set for hours of fun—virtual style.

2.  Lamper (Archiact Interactive Ltd.)

Let us tell you about the birds, the bees, and the app called Lamper; it’s fun! You make like a bee and buzz around avoiding obstacles along the way.

3. Zombie Warfare (Fibrum)

It’s the zombie apocalypse and, of course, it’s up to you to save humanity. Load up and get your game face on as you shoot your way through.

4. Sisters (Otherworld Interactive)

Looking for a spine-tingling VR experience? Sisters is one creepy game that’s sure to get your spook on. You’ll feel like you entered the Twilight Zone once you strap on your VR headset. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

5. Dive Deep (Durovis)

No need to hold your breath for this deep sea dive. Although it doesn’t offer much in terms of graphics, Dive Deep still makes for a great introduction to the wonderful world of virtual reality.

6. Orbulus (VR Craftworks Limited)

Who needs visas, passports, and plane tickets? All it takes is a VR cardboard headset and you’re off to see the world and beyond.

7. Cosmic Roller Coaster (Raiz)

With the number of roller coaster apps available, it’s imperative that new users try at least one. This particular roller coaster ride stands heads and shoulders above the rest as, instead of being a “normal” virtual theme park ride, users get treated to a ride around the vastness of the cosmos.

8. AAA VR Cinema Cardboard 3D SBS (Candlify Technologies)

Put some magic in your cinema-viewing experience by downloading this app. This way, you get to enjoy videos in full cinematic virtual reality.

9. Reality Hacker (VisoR)

Aptly named, this app lets you hack the real world around you and allows you to see things in a different light.

10. Paul McCartney (Jaunt)

There is no reason to settle for an ordinary concert video experience when you can get right in the middle of 360-degree concert. This one features none other than Sir Paul McCartney himself.

Finding just the right apps can unleash your Google Cardboard’s potential. And as far as getting things started goes, these ten apps are definite must-haves for any new user. With simple tilts of the head, you can enjoy fully immersive reality the virtual way.

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