A Step Outside the Cardboard Box: Five Unique VR Apps

The virtual reality platform provides fertile ground for innovation. Here we take a close look at five innovative VR apps available for Google Cardboard.

Reality Hacker (VisoR)

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It’s a wonderful world, and you can view it in even more wonderful ways - all while 'hacking' reality and changing the world around you. Alternatively, you can see the world in a different light through Augmented VR Experience (Jackaar Software). Let’s just say it’s an app that’s sure to tickle the fancy of any Terminator, Matrix, or Star Wars fan.

R5’s Heart Made Up On You VR (Jaunt Inc.)

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Remember that Paul McCartney concert app? Well, Jaunt Inc. takes the concept further with this app. Get a virtual feel of what it’s like to BE a part of the R5 as the band whips out a rendition of their hit single Heart Made Up On You. It’s a small step for virtual reality and a giant leap for music fans everywhere.

InMind VR (Nival)

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InMind VR is a game that allows you to delve deep into the human brain. While the concept in itself borrows from sci-fi movies of yore, it still takes on an aura of freshness, given that you're exploring the depths of the human mind via VR.

inArt – VR/AR Gallery (nesvi)

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As this is, for now, just a technical demo, we can only surmise (and hope) that it will get better with time. InArt, puts you right in the midst of a virtual art gallery, and allows to soak up the splendor of fine art.

VR Toilet Simulator (LocoVR)

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Is it useful? Not at all! Is it novel? Is it fun? You bet it is! VR Toilet Simulator is a breath of fresh air (maybe not in the literal sense) in a market flooded with roller coaster apps, and offers a good laugh for all the times when boredom sets in.

Though they are indeed fun, VR isn’t all about video games, roller coasters, and haunted houses. You can take a trip outside the virtual box whenever you strap on your cardboard with these five unique apps.

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  • Oviah

    Some good examples there, if not strange, re the toilet app! VR this time round will really be a disruptive technology now that the processing power is adequate.

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