Around the World the Virtual Way

Some people travel to get away from it all, while others do it to discover something new. Whatever one’s reason may be, traveling is definitely a worthwhile experience.

While there may never be a substitute for experiencing the wonders of far-off places in real life, a few Google Cardboard apps let you see and experience these places virtually. And who knows? You they may inspire you enough to want to visit the real place.

Let’s have a look at some of the top VR travel apps that you can check out.

Tokyo VR Cardboard (Candlify Technologies)

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All you need is a VR headset and to see what it’s like to walk through the streets of Tokyo. With 67 different locations to choose from, you can get to know the bustling city as intimately as possible without needing an English-Japanese dictionary.

Being one of the more popular tourist destinations, there are also lots of other (non-VR) apps that can help you out should you decide to visit the Land of the Rising Sun such as Tokyo City Guide, Tokyo Offline Map Guide Hotels, and Metro Tokyo Subway to name a few.

London VR (Rewind)

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Get ready to explore the Tower of London, London Eye, HMS Belfast, and many more of the sights of merry-old London- in full-360 degrees. Unlike other VR apps with computer-generated graphics, London VR offers you a view of the real thing.

UAE VR (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority)

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The United Arab Emirates is where Middle-Eastern heritage meets the modernity of the Western world. A hotspot for tourist over the past decades, The UAE continues to add tourist attraction after tourist attraction with time—and now you can get to see them via your Google Cardboard viewer.

A nifty feature of this app is that it’s available in both English and Arabic.

Polar Sea (Wemersive LTD)

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Why limit your virtual travel to places you can reach via airline when an app can put place any location on the globe within your reach? Chill out on an icy cool escapade. Polar Sea lets users delve into the icy realms of the Arctic’s Northern Passage. While loading times may be an issue, the sheer brilliance of the polar region—captured in 360 degree cameras—should be enough to keep your head cool.

Google Street View (Google)

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Those with no particular destination in mind – or too many destinations in mind – can go exploring using the VR function of Google Street View. Google Street View provides a host of possibilities. It can put you right in the middle of the streets of a number of cities the world over. To walk a city’s streets, after all, is to know the city.

“Not all those who wander are lost”
-JJRR Tolkien

And with these VR apps, you need not lose your way as you can travel as far and wide as your Google Cardboard can take you.

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