Meet Our V2 Cardboard Kit

When Google introduced Google Cardboard in 2014, the kit was a marvel of simplicity. While most VR headset makers were going the hi-tech route, Google decided to head the opposite direction. It created a headset that was accessible - you can’t get more basic than cardboard - and an app ecosystem that works on your Android smartphone. The design of that first kit was open-sourced, and allowed kit makers such as I AM Cardboard to tweak and adapt the design. (It even gave us the chance to develop the XG VR headset)

During last week’s I/O conference, Google unveiled the new version of their cardboard kit. As good as the first version was, the V2 kit makes some pretty awesome improvements over the former. At first glance, the kit looks similar, but changes were made to give users an even better overall experience. Here are some of the changes:

Easy three-step assembly

With the V1 kit, the user had to open the cardboard folder and assemble the kit from its contents. While assembly of I AM Cardboard’s V1 kits was simple enough, our new version makes it even easier.

Remove the kit from its sleeve, unfold the flaps, insert you phone, and you're good to go

steps 2
Easier to transport

One of the big improvements the V2 kit introduces is the ability to refold and return it to its sleeve. The kit uses velcro instead of double-sided tape. Once you’re done using it, fold it up and return it to its protective sleeve. You end up with a nice, compact block that won’t snag or tear easily.


Larger lenses

The V2 kit has asymmetrical 37mm biconvex lenses with 50mm focal length - larger than the lenses in similarly-sized V1 counterparts .


Better compatibility

Phones with screen sizes up to 6 inches can fit in the kit - even iOS smartphones!


New input method

The most radical design change is the departure from the old magnetic input method. The new kits feature a conductive button that closes the circuit between your finger and the touchscreen.

conductive tab

I AM Cardboard's V2 kits are now available at our shop. Grab a unit and go on a VR adventure!

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