EVA for evah!

The coolest Google Cardboard kits aren’t just made of, well, cardboard.

Like everyone else with a smartphone, we were excited when Google revealed Google Cardboard during the I/O conference in 2014. Even if we weren’t able to make it to the event (sadface), we still had cardboard kits up at our Amazon store within a week. With things taking off, we started thinking about making kits using different materials. Enter EVA foam.


Let there be long science terms

EVA foam is also known as foam rubber. But us geeks know that EVA stands for “Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.“ Not exactly the catchiest of names. Yeah, we’ll stick with EVA. It’s the copolymer, or combination, of ethylene and vinyl acetate.

EVA foam is extremely durable, and is commonly used as padding for sporting gear. We doubt any serious athlete would consider our VR kits as sporting gear, but we’re glad to be in great company. Another common use of EVA foam is to make puzzle mats for babies. Needless to say, EVA foam is extremely durable. If it’s strong enough to withstand a rampaging toddler, it should be strong enough to use for VR kits.

I AM Cardboard’s EVA foam VR kits are a step above our cardboard units in terms of durability. If you’ve experienced cardboard kits and want to upgrade your experience, EVA kits are the next logical step.

Going custom

You can use VR kits and technology for a wide range of uses - even personal projects. Take Mike Rios, for example. He used VR to propose to his girlfriend MaggieTo make your own project more memorable, we recommend having custom graphics printed on your headsets. I AM Cardboard provides several printing options at affordable rates (even at small quantities) . Who said custom kits are for big-name brands only?

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