App of the Month: Orbulus

It provides vivid imagery, it has some ambient noise...and it's free. This month's featured app gives you the chance to travel the world and take in the sights in virtual reality.

Orbulus offers a user-friendly interface so you can view interesting locations with a simple click. The Photo Spheres in the app show a nice array of immersive scenery. Simply pick one, and you will immediately find yourself on  snow-covered mountain, mingling with tourists on an exciting European holiday, or even drinking in art and culture in a museum. There's even a bit of convincing background noise to add to the experience. Think of it as a vacation-slash-staycation where you get to see the sights, yet stay comfy in your favorite chair minus the astronomical costs of traveling!


The Orbulus app is one of the most widely-received among early Cardboard users, and with good reason. It aims to give you a real hands-free VR experience via intuitive controls. VRCraftworks wanted to make an app that is true to the “pick up and go” usability, and Orbulus' immersive Photo Spheres can be controlled simply by looking into your Cardboard gear.

As with the first wave of apps for Cardboard, the team behind Orbulus acknowledges that there are bugs and improvements to be made. For instance, some smartphones cannot accommodate the large textures used in the app. VRCraftworks encourage users who encounter problems with Orbulus to get in touch with them, and try their lite version on for size.

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