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  • The "Surroundie" - Going Beyond the Selfie


    Sure, selfies are here to stay. After all, everyone loves a bit of camwhoring now and then (and in some cases, frequently). But as gadgets and technology continue to churn out one amazing innovation after another, the humble selfie is bound to get a major upgrade.

    Enter the "surroundie" - a phenomenon born from the advent of 360-degree angle cameras. The term itself was coined by Ben Wood, a CCS insight analyst who recognized the revolutionary capacity of 360 degree cameras to contribute to even better content creation.

    Now, cameras can go beyond the conceit of selfies and putting one's self above all else in social media content. The "surroundie" allows even more exploration and better curating of what people can see and learn online. Events, news, discoveries, and even everyday living can be better viewed, thanks to both Facebook and YouTube's support of 360 degree content.

    I Am Cardboard is proud to offer Orbit 360 in all its panoramic glory. Aside from capturing group selfies (we do call it the "ultimate selfie enabler"), we believe this nifty little tool can go on adventures and help capture the sights like no other straight-shooting camera could on its own. And, as we mentioned in a previous article called "How Will Your Career Benefit From 360-Degree Panorama", photography, tourism, architecture, lifestyle blogging, and a host of other careers will find the "surroundie" a much-needed tool for marketing, sales, and advertising.

    And really, what a waste of great technology if we continue to use it on our faces alone, right?

  • Oh, the Possibilities! Five Awesome Daydream View Apps

    Now that Daydream View is no longer a dream, it's time to put it through its paces as far as apps are concerned. Below is a mix of reliable apps and some nifty new ones, resulting in a list that's high on adventure and information.

    1.Google Street View

    Of course, of course, of course - Street View is a dependable Google creation, after all. With Daydream View, you can up the ante on the virtual exploration of just about any place you want. From searching for a particular place like a restaurant or park, to visiting destinations you can only read or dream about, Google Street View's 360-degree functionality can be pretty mind-blowing with Daydream.

    2. Google Arts & Culture VR

    Virtual reality and art seem to be a match made in heaven. If you don't have the time, resource, or inclination to gallery-hop, let the combined genius of Google Arts & Culture VR and the Daydream View guide you through masterpieces of fine art. Audio guides are also available to allow you to really get into an artful immersion.

    3. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

    Where to find them? Why, on Google Daydream View, of course! The app is not a game by a long shot, but there are some sweet control gestures you can use with your Daydream View for this tie-in app with the upcoming movie.

    4. Polyrunner VR

    Run as fast as you can without getting winded...sort of. Polyrunner VR is one of those endless running games that you will get hooked on. Daydream View's controller will make it feel more intuitive that you...might...just...catch yourself...catching...your breath!

    5. The Rose and I

    A Sundance FIlm Festival hit, Rose is an interactive animated experience that allows viewers to feel loneliness, love, loss, and friendship. And what is virtual reality without the feels?



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