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  • Google Cardboard x Adult Entertainment

    Google Cardboard and adult entertainment

    When Google Cardboard was launched, the first to get excited over its possibilities were gamers and little else. Some enterprising companies catering to a more risque industry, however, also saw lots of potential in the humble-looking cardboard kids.

    BaDoink is one of the few pioneering adult entertainment companies who ventured into virtual reality for their products. They are also giving away free Google Cardboard headsets. Within 24 hours of this announcement, BaDoink ran out of their first stock 10,000 headsets, and have put in an order immediately after for double that amount to meet customer demands.


    When asked why they were doing this, BaDoink's reply was in keeping with the spirit and vision of Google Cardboard:

    Virtual Reality is the future. When Google released Google Cardboard we thought it was a great way to make VR available to everyone! We should all be able to experience the future whenever and however we want to. That is why we are giving away our VR Goggles for free.

    In an interview with tech website, BaDoink's CEO Todd Glider described adult content as "the straw that stirs technology’s drink in terms of consumer uptake." With an online demographic as big as adult content appreciators and consumers, it's not surprising that Google Cardboard was introduced to many netizens in this manner.

    This unusual yet not-unexpected development is a good indication of how leveling the playing field contributes to awareness on immersive innovation. If explored more thoroughly and creatively, art galleries, natural science museums, architectural and engineering ventures, interactive music programs, and even bigger, better projects can be had as easily as...a porn fix.

  • "What's a 'roadworthy' headset anyways?"

    Bring up the term "roadworthy" and a few things come to mind - a burly SUV; a giant eighteen wheeler; your banged-up, twenty year-old car that just keeps soldiering on.  But virtual reality viewers? Unless you find one merged with an engine, nobody really thinks of VR headsets in that regard. While I Am Cardboard never considered mounting a V8 on a VR headset (although that would be SO cool), we wanted to make a headset that was rugged enough for both light and on-the-go use.

    Your basic cardboard kit is a nice, easy way to experience virtual reality. But if you want something that'll take a harder beating, you'll need to get something more rugged. Enter the dscvr headset. During the design phase, we narrowed the features down to three groups which, we think, makes the dscvr headset totally roadworthy:

    1. Compactness 

    The dscvr headset comes with a sturdy carrying case. But what makes the headset both innovative and highly portable is its extending, spring-loaded chassis. By retracting the chassis, you reduce the headset's thickness by almost half. You can toss it into your bag and literally forget about the headset until the time you need it.





    2. Ergonomics 

    To facilitate the spring-loaded function, we gave the dscvr headset a hexagonal-shaped chassis. Turns out, this shape also feels great in the hands. The headset has hardly any hard edges and harsh angles.


    3. Compatibility 

    We also designed this headset to be something you can pass on to friends and use multiple phones with. It can accommodate most iOS and Android phones - we recommend phones with four- to six-inch displays. We also improved on the conductive button found on V2 cardboard kits. The dscvr headset has a more durable input system that can work with most smartphones.


    The dscvr headset was initially funded over at Kickstarter. Pre-orders are now open at the Kickstarter page. Get your headset now!

  • Campaign done. Over three times the funding goal met!

    And that's a wrap... well, not really. While the Kickstarter campaign is over, we're working hard to make sure the dscvr headset gets to our supporters as quickly as possible.

    We can't thank you guys enough. We exceeded our funding goals by over three times - that's something we couldn't have done without your belief in the dscvr headset and I AM Cardboard. So, thank you. Thank you a million, billion, zillion times!

    Moving forward, here are some important post-campaign details:

    1. Colors

    We hit two stretch goals. Meaning the dscvr headset will come in three colors - pastel blue and other two colors, which will be voted on by our backers. We'll be sending a survey soon for that.

    2. Shipping 

    The dscvr headset is set to ship first week of December. If you have any shipping concerns, let us know ASAP.

    3. Staying connected

    We'll be posting regular production and shipping updates here, on our blog, and our media accounts. Stay up to date here:


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