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  • Works With Google Cardboard (Of course it does!)

    In June 2014, a piece of folded cardboard was handed out to each participant of the Google I/O conference. Initial bewilderment gave way to excitement as the possibility of accessible virtual reality dawned on every single person holding that piece of cardboard in their hands.

    Fast-forward to today, Google reveals its official assets which certify kits that are compatible with the Google Cardboard application ecosystem. The catch-phrase “Works With Google Cardboard” certifies that your headset is optimized for use with Cardboard apps. Along with this phrase is the Works With Google Cardboard badge that allows users to see at a glance which Cardboard kit-makers have been accepted to, and are fully compatible with the WWGC program.

    Guess who will be sporting both the Works With Google Cardboard catch-phrase and badge from here on out?

    Works With Google Cardboard Works With Google Cardboard

    We will, because we do.

    I AM Cardboard has received official certification from Google in an announcement last Friday. This certification provides users the assurance that their I AM Cardboard and EVA kits will work swimmingly with Cardboard apps and games.

    Just one of the I AM Cardboard products that Works With Google Cardboard! Just one of the I AM Cardboard products that Works With Google Cardboard!

    We're proud to meet Google standards and we will keep working to give you the best VR experience.

  • EVA for evah!

    The coolest Google Cardboard kits aren’t just made of, well, cardboard.

    Like everyone else with a smartphone, we were excited when Google revealed Google Cardboard during the I/O conference in 2014. Even if we weren’t able to make it to the event (sadface), we still had cardboard kits up at our Amazon store within a week. With things taking off, we started thinking about making kits using different materials. Enter EVA foam.


    Let there be long science terms

    EVA foam is also known as foam rubber. But us geeks know that EVA stands for “Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.“ Not exactly the catchiest of names. Yeah, we’ll stick with EVA. It’s the copolymer, or combination, of ethylene and vinyl acetate.

    EVA foam is extremely durable, and is commonly used as padding for sporting gear. We doubt any serious athlete would consider our VR kits as sporting gear, but we’re glad to be in great company. Another common use of EVA foam is to make puzzle mats for babies. Needless to say, EVA foam is extremely durable. If it’s strong enough to withstand a rampaging toddler, it should be strong enough to use for VR kits.

    I AM Cardboard’s EVA foam VR kits are a step above our cardboard units in terms of durability. If you’ve experienced cardboard kits and want to upgrade your experience, EVA kits are the next logical step.

    Going custom

    You can use VR kits and technology for a wide range of uses - even personal projects. Take Mike Rios, for example. He used VR to propose to his girlfriend MaggieTo make your own project more memorable, we recommend having custom graphics printed on your headsets. I AM Cardboard provides several printing options at affordable rates (even at small quantities) . Who said custom kits are for big-name brands only?

    To inquire about custom kit options and costs, send us an email at

  • App of the Month: Orbulus

    It provides vivid imagery, it has some ambient noise...and it's free. This month's featured app gives you the chance to travel the world and take in the sights in virtual reality.

    Orbulus offers a user-friendly interface so you can view interesting locations with a simple click. The Photo Spheres in the app show a nice array of immersive scenery. Simply pick one, and you will immediately find yourself on  snow-covered mountain, mingling with tourists on an exciting European holiday, or even drinking in art and culture in a museum. There's even a bit of convincing background noise to add to the experience. Think of it as a vacation-slash-staycation where you get to see the sights, yet stay comfy in your favorite chair minus the astronomical costs of traveling!


    The Orbulus app is one of the most widely-received among early Cardboard users, and with good reason. It aims to give you a real hands-free VR experience via intuitive controls. VRCraftworks wanted to make an app that is true to the “pick up and go” usability, and Orbulus' immersive Photo Spheres can be controlled simply by looking into your Cardboard gear.

    As with the first wave of apps for Cardboard, the team behind Orbulus acknowledges that there are bugs and improvements to be made. For instance, some smartphones cannot accommodate the large textures used in the app. VRCraftworks encourage users who encounter problems with Orbulus to get in touch with them, and try their lite version on for size.

  • Check out Mike's Awesome VR Wedding Proposal!

    Earlier this week, we wrote about our favorite non-gaming apps for Google Cardboard. Today, it’s time to show another great, more personal, use for VR - declaring everlasting love!

    Our friend Mike Rios sent us a video showing how he used virtual reality and I AM Cardboard's EVA kit to propose to his girlfriend Maggie. Mike and Maggie are both highly creative people, and the proposal used technology to reflect their personalities.



    We could go on and on about how wonderful this is, but we better let Mike himself speak about the project:

    “Five years ago in the courtyard in Pasadena, California I met Maggie, and three sentences into meeting her I jokingly asked her to marry me...

    On February 8th, 2015 with the help of family and friends we met in that same courtyard without her for a photoshphere photo shoot, and to learn a dance.

    A month later, on March 8th, 2015, I brought Maggie back to the same exact place in the courtyard we met in for a surprise Virtual Reality experience (using your various products) with a Mariachi Band for accompaniment, and proceeded to ask her to marry me, again (this time for real)!"

    We're psyched to see all the different ways people use virtual reality. Of course, we're also honored that Mike used our EVA kit for this loving and imaginative number.

    If you'd like to use I AM Cardboard's kits for your own projects, email us at and let's make something great happen!

  • Five Practical (and Fun) Uses for Google Cardboard

    There was a time when many of us thought virtual reality was nearly impossible, and could only be within reach to those who were:

    1. related to George Jetson, or
    2. very, very wealthy.

    Now, thanks to Google Cardboard, VR is just a few folds away. Even what techies refer to as “entry-level VR” definitely has a lot of uses.  With its easy-to-assemble design and its many  compatible apps, you can have both enjoyable and practical activities at your fingertips.  Let's take a look at five matter-of-fact (but fun!) uses for your Cardboard.

    1. Never get lost.

    Having a virtual map like Google Street View means you can practically never get lost in any city or country you'll find yourself in.  Now, thanks to the Cardboard app and your kit, Google Maps for Android allows you to turn a regular street view into a binocular one. At the same time, you can be all touristy, see the sights,  and view new surroundings the same way you would in real space.

    The Orbulus has become a favorite app among early Cardboard users because it allows you to go anywhere and everywhere. This means famous cities, unexplored locations, holidays in different countries, and even leisurely walks on other planets!

    2. Attend important events and get a first-person view of the action.

    Hong Kong Unrest

    Currently in the works is a new multi-platform app that showcases important news events around the world like the recent Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstration. With it, you can “witness” the event and be part of the audience to really get a feel of what the gatherings were all about. has produced documentaries in VR and 360-degree videos so users can emotionally connect to the event. This kind of app paves the way for other essential documentaries by journalism outfits to be featured and experienced by anybody and everybody.

    3. Use both hands for DIY projects and other practical stuff.

    A peripheral created specifically for use with VR kits aims to complete the virtual reality experience – while being totally hands-free. This will be extra useful if you need a step-by-step guide on a DIY project or are at the receiving end of fitness instructions. One of I AM Cardboard's products is the EVA, which is a sturdier and more durable version of the Cardboard kits. Best of all, it features a head strap! This handy little accessory makes hands-free VR a lot more doable and useful.

    4. Get entertained.

    Lamper VR

    From games to virtual reality theater, your Google Cardboard will prove to be a handy and entertaining experience for you. Lamper is one such app where you can experience how it is to be a small bug in a huge, threatening world. Go through obstacles and get a real consciousness for what the challenges the games pose. You'll feel like a real winner in the end!

    5. Go see a movie.

    VR Cinema for Cardboard allows you to view your favorite MP4 files into a split-screen versions for a truly immersive cinematic experience. Any movie can become a 3D virtual reality experience with this app and your I AM Cardboard kit. Many other cinematic VR projects are currently being developed or fine-tuned for use with your Cardboard gear. We'll be sure to spread the word as soon as we get wind that they're ready and available for you!

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