About Us

How It Started

A Google template. Scrap cardboard boxes. Cutters... And a lot of impatience.

It began when we saw the Google I/O presentation - We love new technology, ideas and gadgets - and we wanted to have our very own google cardboard virtual reality kit. Like you, we printed out the templates, on a piece of ordinary A4 paper, to make our own.

... and it wasn't as easy as it looked.

We didn't want to settle for any flimsy looking structure or a second rate lens... after all, we were going to be the ones using it. Yes, we went a little overboard with making our own I AM CARDBOARD design with the original intention of being used by a handful of us tech-geeks' personal use only... but in the end, we thought, why stop there, and instead share the ease and convenience with the community instead?

About Our Company

We are a company with experience in international clients and global logistics. Rest assured our dedication goes beyond just product design, we pride ourselves in handling our process with efficiency and service with sincerity. That is why we make sure your orders are handled as fast as possible. When your website orders go out of our HK warehouse, they are shipped via Hong Kong post through their reliable EC-ship program.

Optionally, for US and Europe, you can conveniently order on through our official Amazon page. 

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